Sell My Soul for Total Control

After years of trying to conceive - medications, ultrasounds, blood tests, injections, IVF and thousands of dollars - my brain has the nerve to ask, “Do you really


Taking Back the Present

I’ve been robbed! You’ve been robbed! I spend all of this process wishing the time away.

The Husband

The only thing I can thank infertility for, is bringing us closer together. I consider that a blessing, as I know this process can tear some apart.

Jealousy – Why Her and Not Me?

As another pregnancy announcement scrolls down my Facebook feed I feel my stomach drop. I roll my eyes and take a deep breath in. I am not happy for my friend, in fact I’m unhappy and I don’t feel guilty about it.

After the Miscarriage

Picking up the pieces after the miscarriage was devastating. I felt dumb for being excited. I felt ignorant for not knowing how common miscarriage was.

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