Progress #4 – Day 3 & 5 Update

We got our day three update and it couldn’t have been any better. Eight of eight embryos survived. This was amazing. The embryologist was really happy with the result. We knew that we were lucky. I had spent all day attached to then phone. I was hoping they’d call early in the morning, but they called at 1 p.m. When the phone call was over we celebrated for about two minutes. Then our thoughts turned to the next phone call in two days time.


While we waited for the next update I was surprised by the feelings of longing and protectiveness for the embryos. Since I have no children, I could only relate it to missing our dog (Roy), when he’s in boarding. It felt like there was a part of us missing. It didn’t feel right not having them close.


We were hopeful but anxious about our final update. I read that approximately 50 per cent of embryos from day one made it to day five. I had heard so many horror stories about massive declines in embryo numbers from day three to five. Everything would be going great, and then on day five the couple would only have one, or no embryos. I was petrified of this. We had been so fortunate since the retrieval that I was waiting for something to go wrong.


We knew that there would be a significant drop off in healthy embryos, but I hoped that six of ours would survive. I figured we could get our three children and have a back up for each, in case it didn’t work. Ryan is more realistic than me. He was hoping for four embryos.


Our final update came and FIVE of our eight embryos survived! The scientist said they were all of good quality. Now they will be frozen for us to use in the future. We’ll be using one next month for our frozen embryo transfer. Five is a perfect number, right in between what we both hoped for. It could have been so much worse. We are so grateful that we got through this process with five potential babies.

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